Motherlode (noun)

1. Mining. a rich or important lode.

2. a major or profitable source or supply


MOTHERLODE references the aesthetic of the medical environment in particular fluorescent lighting, concrete walls and vinyl signage used for way finding in hospitals; in contrast to the experience of living in a body designed to procreate.  Having become a first time Mother in July, Amy is interested in how both the natural and medical exists together in the modern experience of pregnancy, birth and motherhood. The works that form part of MOTHERLODE are laced with playful humor but grounded in lived experience.  

Commissioned by: hillsceneLIVE

Presetned at: Lilydale Pop-Up theatre

Using the philosophies of Renew Newcastle (now Renew Australia), the project connects creative and commercial communities, to unite in the development of urban spaces into thriving creative metropolis'.

4 nights // 10+ incredible artists // 4 live performances // 1 exhibition // 1 makeshift stage in a secret warehouse