Vacated is a durational, live art performance presented at hillceneLIVE, an arts festival that supports emerging and experimental artists.


Vacated was made in response to the experience of multiple miscarriages and the secrecy that so often accompanies early pregnancy and loss.


Vacated has two parts. Part 1 included the creation of a drawing made on site in the 2 days preceding the festival. Intermittent Polaroid photographs were taken to record the drawing as it was made in order to capture the location and duration of its creation. The drawing is titled; Stay Positive, the subject matter is a symbolic representation of the two lines depicted on a positive home pregnancy test. This drawing, accompanied by a journal entry written days after the artists miscarriage, was installed a unisex toilet on site while the festival was open to the public. This site was selected for its isolated and loaded context  - a toilet being the space where many events relating to pregnancy and miscarriage takes place. An audience member would be interrupted by the work on his or her own.


Part 2 included the installation of the photographic record depicting the artist creating Stay Positive in the space the drawing was made. The artist vacated the site as the festival began.  The nature of Live Art relies on the artist/performer to be present in order to exist, however the vacated space created by the artists non-presence echoes the absence of life in the womb, leaving the audience little evidence of the activity that took place in the preceding days. A Polaroid camera was used not only because is resembles ultrasound images, but also for the instant memory imbedded in the film that somehow solidifies existence - similar to the lines on the home pregnancy kit.